Lacanau Surf Club is a surfing institution founded by a group of friends in 1968.

It all started with a small bungalow on the beach of Lacanau, 50kms from Bordeaux, with few boys trying to tame strong waves, and the first surf lessons also appeared.

In 1979, the first edition of the Lacanau Pro takes place, which would later become one of the most remarkable ASP events (now WSL) in Europe and which in 2019 celebrated its 40th anniversary.

In 1990, Lacanau Surf Club and one of its athletes at the time, Claire Noël, developed a method of teaching surfing to children, the “Jardin des Vagues”, from the age of 5, which introduced them to surfing, but also to The ocean.

In 1991, the club organized the European Amateur Surfing Championship and in 1992 the Amateur World Surfing Championship bringing together 35mcountries and more than 300 participants. Lacanau thus confirms its worldwide reputation in the area of ​​surfing. This year, the “Maison de la glisse” (Casa do Surf) also appears in our village, the first in France.

In 2005, the first steps in environmental awareness were taken and the “Surf’in Nature” program was born.

Because we love our land, our waves and our sport, we try to involve the entire public with an awareness and concern for the environment.

Our main goal is to share surfing, encouraging ocean lovers to surf regardless of their age.

The LSC team, generation after generation, increases its coaching qualities with body training, knowledge of the ocean and surfing practice to be able to follow the progression from beginners to competitors and also to the disabled.

We open our mind and body to different activities with the aim of completing our surfing practice with stand up paddle, bodyboard, bodysurfing, but also swimming, skateboarding, yoga, cycling and much more.

Among the club’s competitors, we can mention those who marked our History:

Gisèle Bidon, Nadège Guillet, Thierry Fernandez (winner of Lacanau Pro 82, European and French champion), Yann Martin (runner-up in ” Europe, 3x surf champion in France), Bérangère Planté (champion in France), Damien Nöel (junior surfing champion from France), Justine Dupont (member of the World Surfing Tour, champion from Europe, France, surfing and longboarding), Pascal Basurko (junior European bodyboarding champion), Cédric Grèze (French bodyboarding champion), Christophe Lalande (European junior surfing champion), Adrien Valéro (finalist from France and Europe), Nathan Hèle, Yannick Gauthier (LSC instructor), Jérèmy Boisson, Eric Leroy and Sarah Burel (multiple world, European and French tandem surfing champion).