The Snowboard Federation was founded in 1987, being the reference organization for all Norwegian snowboarders. In 1997, we joined the Norwegian Sports Federation and the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee (NIF).

Today, the Snowboard Federation has changed its name to Brettforbundet, a joint federation for the three original board sports: snowboard, skate and surf. Our vision is to show the world how important fun is. Through our work and commitment, we are creating different activities, looking for different environments for the 3 board sports, better opportunities and places for everyone to make the most of it.

The values ​​of personal freedom, sense of dominance and community are the basis of the work of the 11 employees of the association and of our activities. The five general strategic objectives of the organization are to create activity, developing different accessory activities; secure recruitment for snowboard, skate and surf; winning international competitions; be the most innovative entity and assume a strong culture for the preservation of nature where we practice our sports.