Association Sport for All was founded in March 2005 but its programmatic tradition goes back to year 1952 when Partizan Yugoslavia – Association for physical education and recreation was established. The association existed under this name until 1992 when all republic associations (Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian and Herzegovina, Montenegrin, Macedonian and Serbian) participated equally in its work.

Sports for All programs as a philosophy of life have, first and foremost, has a promotional-propaganda character of physical exercise. These programs are for the benefit of health, nicer and more humane pastime, socialization, and many other undeniable values, and finally a prerequisite for the development of top-notch sportsmanship, regardless of gender, social, functional, religious and other differences.

The Association Sport for All Serbia currently has 64 sports organizations (regular, affiliated and assisting), some of which are national, territorial and local. They all operate within their determined budgets of cities and municipalities using programs coordinated by the Association Sport for All Serbia. A total of about 150 different organizations from the Sport for All system operate in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Head office is located in Belgrade.

ASFAS is a member of Sports federation of Serbia and also of TAFISA – The Association for International Sport for all; ISCA – International Sport and Culture Association; FISpT – Federatia Internationale Sport per toi; EFCS – European Federation for Company Sport; BAWS – Balkan Association for Worker’s sport. Programs of the ASFAS are partly financially supported by Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia (30°%) and we are included as one of the four priorities in the National Strategy for Sport development. 

Association Sport for all Serbia is organizing two festivals during the year, Winter Ski fest and Summer festival. Ski fest is activating more than 600 participants each year and during Summer festival that number goes around 500 participants. Also, we are organizing Cheerful orienteering for kinder garden kids who gathers more than 700 kids.

We are coordinating since 1994 World Challenge Day and the World Walking Day and participating in the TAKE BACK YOUR STREETS… TAKE BACK YOUR FUTURE! Project, we have been actively and successfully participating in the NOWWEMOVE project through MOVE Week, NO ELEVATORS DAY, EUROPEAN SCHOOL SPORT DAY and other activities in cooperation with ISCA since 2012. Saying in numbers, during these events more than 200.000 participants is physically active in different ways.

We have also organized the European Company Winter Sports Games in cooperation with EFCS with more than 800 participants on the Mount of Kopaonik 2018.

We have worked together with the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine and The Institute of Public Health of Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut” on research projects concerning the influence of non-movement on the increasing number of Serbian citizens suffering from non-infectious diseases.