There are clubs where success is measured only by medals won.

We measure it by the smiles of the children training in our club.

Young Lions Sport Academy (pl: Akademia Sportu Młode Lwy Gdańsk) was established in August 2012 as an idea of sports enthusiasts with experience in this area of life.

In our club we have a qualified group of people who know the training of children and young

people on the basketball courts, but also people well versed in the intricacies of sports law.

We train. We develop. We educate. We support.

In our assumptions we are based on the principle of upbringing in the spirit of sport not only the future players, but above all people, who regardless of the path they choose in life will be strong individuals, coping well in everyday life, acting in addition on the basis of fair-play rules, that is skills of healthy competition and teamwork.

The aim of the Academy is to promote sport giving versatile benefits to children and young people. Through physical activities initiated at pre-school age and continued through elementary school, we shape individuals capable of movement, and through the introduction of specialized training, we also train players capable of playing at a high sport level. 

All children are taken care of by coaches/educators and the coordinator of training, who are to educate first with an emphasis on the importance of learning at school, and only second to train the players. 

Consequently, the systematics of work is to give children and young people the freedom to combine their daily duties, which will be perfectly reflected in the hardships of later adult life.

We are proud of our players, who compete in the best sports arenas, but a joyful smile on our face accompanies us on the occasion of each of our pupils bravely taking steps into their adult life regardless of its field.

Our basketball school is designed to be a complement to the care of parents and to help showing patterns of behavior to each of our wards, believing that a well-mannered and well-educated person will be able to reconcile daily responsibilities with sports, and in turn its practice will support the acquisition of skills necessary to function in today’s world.

Our standards:
We work with the youngest children beginning their adventure with sport in accordance with the spirit of fair play competition.

We teach and tame through games and physical activities as well as rivalry of small teams.

The training plan has been meticulously prepared by our training staff and is successively modified and improved so that the children derive the greatest possible benefit from the classes.

Our league teams in age categories up to and including U15 work in good training conditions, and their development is supervised by qualified coaching staff.

The basketball academy, after completing training in the U15 category (combined with the end of elementary school education), presents its players with offers from four clubs in the Tri-City, each of which has a different training culture, a different number of trainings and a different connection to the educational path. The final decision as to where to continue the adventure with basketball is made by the parents with the player, and our Academy is an ‘advisory body’ providing advice and guidance to make the decision easier.


Promotion of basketball

We try to promote basketball in any way we can. One of our activities with the help of which we try to provide our members with incredible emotions are meetings with famous players.

For example, our club was already visited by players like Milicić, Gruszecki or Gortat.

Apart from continuous work on practices with children and youth, for 7 years our club has been organizing a small 3×3 league, which aims to promote basketball among the youngest children. Because of the league, we have received an award for institutions of particular merit for the development of Pomeranian basketball.